Surpises Learning more about wildlife as a photographer and naturalist has always been deeply intriguing to me. Digging through natural history guides and scientific biology books definitely has grown my knowledge base but the data can make it seem that all the mammals in a given species are alike. Spending long periods of time observing animals as a citizen scientist systematically scanning


Heavenly Birds

Heavenly Birds The lavender twilight basks a warm glow upon the open water allowing slender silhouettes to separate themselves from the dark moving mass on this shallow lake. I feel the chilly morning air charged with anticipation as I watch the sunrise begin to brighten. I am patiently waiting for the suns rays to reach above the surrounding mountains to touch my


Botswana Lion Pride

Botswana Lion Pride The air is warm and comfortable. The October midday sun is descending and stretching the tree shadows over the largely horizontal landscape. I have forgotten any uncomfortableness in the rugged vehicle seat I have been shifting in. This is the magical place I had dreamed about for many years, wild Africa and what could possibly be more exciting? The


Chimpanzees of Budongo

Chimpanzees of Budongo Wildlife eyes and facial expressions are so important to communicating unique behavior and creating a delightful image capture. It is the first thing I zoom in to see if the focus is sharp during photography. During editing my choice photos will undoubtably be those where the eyes show expression either in my direction or with another critter in the


Encounters with Killer Whales

Encounters with Killer Whales The air is fresh and the cool breeze is welcomed on this bright sun-filled day on the ocean. It is July but I am in a dry-suit in a twenty-foot Zodiac in the waters off the island of Iceland. The boat is tracking killer whales (Orca) which are just ahead of us. We are looking photograph and identify these

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